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Opposition blasts hint of third term for Mauritania leader


}); Mauritanias Contrariety has lashed out at suggestions that the countrys Formation be changed to let President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz run for a estate Commons term.Jemil Ould Mansour, Guide of the Islamist Tewassoul party, said late Wednesday his Faction would #not take part in a charade in which the idea of changes to presidential mandates could be mooted#.His comments, referring to ongoing talks Around constitutional changes, came a day Subsequent to Khalil Ould Tiyeb of Azizs Union for the Republic (UPR), said age and term limits should be #unlocked# for the presidency. Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz delivers a Articulate utterance Language during the First day of the World Climate Change Conference 2015 ©Alain Jocard (AFP/File) Aziz came to Ableness in a 2008 coup, Preceding being elected in 2009 and re-elected in 2014 Encouraging to Esteem the two-term limit, Expression he would #in no way# Try to Change it.In March a Rule spokesman said #the Greater number of Mauritanians# believed Aziz deserved a #third, fourth, or fifth term,# Subsequent to similar statements by the Equity minister.Following months of denials he was seeking a estate Commons stint in power, the president -- whose Next to the first term comes to an end in 2019 -- said last week that Natural changes would be put to a referendum.The north African nation is Generally engaged in a week of #national dialogue# Amid political parties -- conj Though Tewassoul is boycotting the talks.But even parties Pleasing part such as the moderate Popular Progressive Alliance (APP) labelled Tiyebs Hint a #manoeuvre# that #was not on the agreed agenda#.Many African countries have moved to overturn presidential term limits, At times with Boisterous consequences.Burundi descended into Primeval matter in 2015 after President Pierre Nkurunziza stood in elections for a estate Commons term.In the Republic of Congo, President Denis Sassou Nguesso pushed From one side plans to Vary the law and give himself Some other term in office, Time Rwandan President Paul Kagame is expected to Stretch out his rule Subsequent to citizens voted to Fragment a two-term limit.Meanwhile in DR Congo, anti-government protesters Remain to rail Opposed to a Plan by President Joseph Kabila that critics say is aimed at extending his stay in Ableness into a estate Commons term.

Canadian firm agrees deal in Mauritania mine dispute


}); The Canadian firm operating a strike-hit gold mine in North Mauritania has agreed new Stipulations with its workers, the two sides said Monday, following disputes with employees and the Rule in New months.Tasiast Mauritanie Limited, a Assistant of Canadas Kinross, Hanging production in June following a Rule inspection that led to a row over work permits, and work only resumed in August.Before the shut down workers had gone on Smite over plans to Slit Crack costs at the mine. Tasiast, which produced 219,045 of gold Equal ounces (about 6.2 tonnes) in 2015 was once the companys fifth-largest but Produce has suffered from the falling Value of gold ©Orlando Sierra (AFP/File) Mohamed Abdallahi, secretary-general of the General Confederation of Mauritanian Workers (CGTM), said the Junction was Satisfied with the agreement signed on Sunday.The deal includes alterations to the A whole of Premium payments, to By to both sides.Kinross said in a Specification on its website that the three-year deal represented #a Hard base to Remain to Construct positive relations with employees,# that would Make certain or sure the mines future.It said the deal would go alongside reassurances made to the Rule in July that a greater Arrangement of the workforce would be Mauritanian in future, especially at the Conduct level.Tasiast, which produced 219,045 of gold Equal ounces (about 6.2 tonnes) in 2015 to By to the companys website, was once the companys fifth-largest but Produce has suffered from the falling Value of gold.Strikes have Before hit the mine, which is Around 250 kilometres (155 miles) Northerly of Nouakchott, in 2013 and 2011, also over pay and conditions.

Mauritania intensifies crackdown on anti-slavery activists, says ca...


}); By Nellie PeytonDAKAR, Sept 30 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Mauritanian anti-slavery activists jailed last month have been tortured in detention and transferred to a Far desert Situation in an #intensification of repression# by the state, a Governing campaigner said.The West African nation in August jailed 13 members of the Resurgence of the Abolitionist Movement (IRA) for up to 15 years for their role in June protests by residents of a slum in the Chief Nouakchott, many of whom are Maker slaves.Slavery is a historical Custom in Mauritania, which became the last Region worldwide to legally Abrogate it in 1981.Today some 43,000 Tribe or at Smallest one percent of the Peopling Inhabitants live as slaves, to By to the 2016 Global Slavery Index. Yet other estimates put the Count as high as 20 percent in a Region that is a Point of concentration of activism by the Recent anti-slavery movement.The 13 activists have been tortured and were this week moved to the Uninhabited north At which place they are cut off from their families, doctors, and lawyers, to By to members of the IRA in the North town of Zouerate who were informed of the relocation.Mauritanian Rule officials did not Answer for requests to comment.#This intensification of Suppression Check is Like to the intensification of the Combat (against slavery),# Biram Dah Abeid, head of the IRA and an Contrariety politician, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation in Dakar, Senegal.#Our colleagues suffered Material and psychological harm,# he said, adding that Tribe cannot even Go to see the prisoners families for fear of Existence watched by the government.The activists said they were not At hand at the protests and that the Testing was an Try by the Condition to Doubt the IRA.Anti-Slavery International called the sentences a #devastating blow# to the Mauritanian anti-slavery movement.A European Union Delegating said last month it was concerned by #credible allegations# of Anguish and violations of Lawful procedures in the case Opposed to the activists, and urged the Mauritanian Magistrates to investigate.The Haratin, who make up Mauritanias main #slave caste#, are descended from black African ethnic groups Lengthwise the Senegal river. They Frequently work as Bovine quadrupeds herders and Home servants.The West African nation criminalised Bondage in 2007 and a new law passed last year makes the Attack a Felony against Human nature Mankind and doubles the Jail term for offenders to 20 years.The jailing of two slave-owners in May and the Liberate of Abeid and activist Brahim Bilal, who had been in Jail for 18 months Subsequent to taking part in an anti-slavery march, were hailed as a Winding point in the Combat to end the practice.But Abeid, who has been jailed Separate times and came a Remote second in a 2014 presidential election, said the moves were Simply #an illusion# of progress. (Reporting By Nellie Peyton, Editing by Kieran Guilbert and Ros Russell; Please credit the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the Benevolent arm of Thomson Reuters, that covers humanitarian news, womens rights, trafficking, Putrefaction and Meteorological character or habi change. Visit

Mauritania says dismantled jihadist cell had no IS link


}); Mauritania denied Thursday that a suspected jihadist cell uncovered by the Magistrates had pledged Fealty to the Islamic State group (IS), Subsequent to its members appeared in Royal household accused of targeting a New Arab League summit.Government Speaker Mohamed Lemine Ould Cheikh said the Cluster were #amateurs# and denied a Express link with IS central Order during a news conference.#This Cluster was made up of 10 amateurs who were planning activities in Sustain of a terrorist group,# Ould Cheikh said, insisting there was no IS cell in Mauritania. Mauritanias President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz who came to Ableness in 2008 boasts that he has turned his State into a regional Harbor of Calm thanks to his reorganisation of the Martial Soldierly and Safety Protection forces ©Lintao Zhang (POOL/AFP/File) However a Juridical source, Talk to AFP on Wednesday when the Cluster appeared Preceding a prosecuting magistrate, painted a Distinct picture of what it said were 10 men #apprehended just Preceding the Arab (League) Top which took Area on July 24.#They had intended to #terrify# Arab leaders by raising the IS Dark flag and scrawling graffiti on buildings to Affirm the Nearness of the Cluster in the Mauritanian capital.In Adding #a Salafist was pulled out of Jail in Nouakchott to help with the enquiry#, the Origin said, Time #the other 10 had links to this Salafist#, using the word for an Adhering of an ultra-conservative Fire- Thunderbolt of Islam.Local Com said the gangs Guide was a Maker faith healer turned extremist and IS supporter.All remained in Keeping on Thursday.Mauritania jailed sheets in the wind men for between five and 10 years for links with IS in June 2015, with the Royal household shown a video in which all sheets in the wind pledged allegiance.In August of that year a Youthful Salafist Guide was arrested and accused of spreading IS propaganda.Kidnappings and attacks by Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) were Oft-repeated when Mauritanias President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz came to Ableness in 2008.But he boasts that he has turned his State into a regional Harbor of Calm thanks to his reorganisation of the Martial Soldierly and Safety Protection forces.The mainly Muslim republic, sandwiched between the west of Africa and the Sahara desert, is seen by Western leaders as a Rampart against Fighting Islamist groups.The spotlight has been thrown on the Increasing threat of Islamist extremism across Africas vast Sahel Country since a French-led Martial Soldierly intervention Herd Al-Qaeda-linked groups out of the towns of neighbouring Malis Uninhabited north in 2013.