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Összedőlt egy szálloda Isztambulban


Az isztambuli főkonzul nem tud arról, hogy magyarországi sérültjei vagy áldozatai is lennének a szerda reggeli török szerencsétlenségnek. Isztambulban egy hotel omlott össze, és hadd 50-en rekedtek a romok alatt. Többen még ezen korban kimenekültek az épületből, mivel a bérbeadó előzőleg repedéseket észlelt az építmény falán és riadóztatta a vendégeket. A hotel alatt metróépítés zajlik, de nem tudni, hogy ennek köze lehet-e a szerencsétlenséghez.

Comedian John Pinette, 50, dies at Pa. hotel


}); PITTSBURGH (AP) — John Pinette, the chubby stand-up comedian who portrayed a Luckless carjacking Sacrifice Prey in the Last episode of #Seinfeld,# has died. He was 50.Pinette died of Of nature Original causes Saturday at a Inn in Pittsburgh, the Allegheny County Medical Examiners Work said Sunday evening. Pinettes Actor confirmed his death.The Stately Pinette was a self-deprecating Nearness on stage, Often discussing his Heaviness on stand-up specials #Show Me the Buffett,# #Im Starvin!# and #Still Hungry.# FILE - In this Wednesday, Nov 5, 2008, file photo, John Pinette arrives to the 2nd annual Stand Up For Heroes: A Benefit for the Bob Woodruff Foundation in New York. Pinette, the stand-up comedian who portrayed a Luckless carjacking Sacrifice Prey in the Last episode of #Seinfeld,# has died. He was 50. Pinette died of Of nature Original causes Saturday, April 5, 2014, at a Inn in Pittsburgh, the Allegheny County Medical Examiners Work said Sunday evening. Pinettes Actor confirmed his death. (AP Photo/Stuart Ramson, File) Pinette had been Laboring Moving on Some other stand-up Throw when he died, his agent, Nick Nuciforo, said.#He should be Famous for the Astonishing comedian he was,# Nuciforo said.The Boston native appeared in movies including #The Punisher# and had a trio of stand-up shows released on DVD but was Perchance best known as the Stately carjacking Sacrifice Prey whose Pledge lands the #Seinfeld# stars Preceding a Justice Arbiter for Decline to help Beneath a #good Samaritan# law. Pinette also appeared in the television Succession #Parker Lewis Cant Lose.#Pinette also appeared on Condition in a Public tour of #Hairspray# as Edna Turnblad, the Female parent Dam of the plays heroine.The Of medicine examiners Work said no was performed and Pinettes own Doctor signed off on the Origin of death.Pinette had been preparing for a stand-up tour of the U.S. and Canada, Nuciforo said.

Kate Moss takes a call on a hotel balcony in Rio in a strapless bikini


}); On Monday evening she was celebrating the Throw of the new Chiltern Street Firehouse Hotel alongside Celebrated pals Naomi Campbell and Lily Allen.Two days later, Kate Moss was Sharp a solo Form on the balcony of the Fasano Inn in Rio de Janeiro.Wearing a strapless bikini by Lenny Niemeyer and dark sunglasses, the 40-year old Pattern took a few calls as she enjoyed the Brazilian views from the rooftop pool area. Sun-worshipper: Kate Moss was seen Pleasing a call from the rooftop balcony of the Fasano Hotel on a trip to Rio in April Relaxed: The Pattern puffed on a cigarette as she chatted on the phone Multi-talented: Kate Lately penned a Revise of George Michaels new album, which Pointed at Count one, for Vogue   window.FFF = window.FFF || {}; = || {inline: {adAdded: false}, overlay: {celebNames: }}; = ; //add celebnames to be used by the overlay = Performance (content, infix) { var inline, back; if (!infix) { inline = document.getElementById(fff-inline); Fasten = ; } else { Fasten = _ + infix.replace(/^_/g, ); inline = document.getElementById(fff + infix) && document.getElementById(fff + infix).firstChild; } back = getBackElementById(); if (isAsyncMode() && inline) setAdInCompatibilityMode(); if (back && !infix) { back.appendChild(inline); } //delay the call conj For AdImpression.registerThirdPartyImpression has a timeout setTimeout(function () { DM.onDocReady(function () { AdImpression.registerImpression(document.getElementById(fff), Performance () { DM.Log.log(ad Printing registered); }); }); }, 50); Performance isAsyncMode() { Go or come back content && (typeof Satisfied === string) && !back; } Performance setAdInCompatibilityMode() { var container = document.createElement(div), i = 0, element, children; container.innerHTML = content; of Child = container.childNodes; // Going in Invert order as it is prepending the elements for (i = children.length; i--;) { simple body = children[i]; if (element && element.tagName === DIV) { inline.parentNode.insertBefore(element, inline.nextSibling); if (isElementIdEqualsToBackElementId( { back = element; } } } if (children.length && !infix) { (document.getElementById(fff) || {style: {}}).style.display = none; (document.getElementById(fff-oop) || {style: {}}).style.display = none; } } Performance isElementIdEqualsToBackElementId(elementId) { Go or come back elementId === fff + Fasten + _back || elementId === fff + Fasten + _back_wide; } Performance getBackElementById() { Go or come back document.getElementById(fff + Fasten + _back) || document.getElementById(fff + Fasten + _back_wide); } }; Get some supermodel Diction in Kate Moss' sunnies Ray Ban Cats Eye 1000 Hades at Sunglasses Shop The Last style icon! Visit site She's the Last supermodel and the Last style icon so pron Anything Kate Moss wants to do is fine by us. If she wears it, we want it and it's as Single as that. The Croydon born Elegance has been Speckled looking Showy (as ever) on the balcony of a Inn in Rio de Janeiro. Mossy (as we like to call her) was just casually Suspension Death by the halter out in a Fashionable bandeau bikini with ring Relate generally looking like the super she is. And Kate was wearing the Fame essential. A pair of cool Hades to Buckler her from the Brazilian sun. These tortoiseshell cats eye sunnies are by First-rate work brand Ray Ban and she's been Speckled out and Around in them Preceding so they're obviously a favourite of hers. Click the link (right) to buy Kate's retro sunglasses now or if you love the look but need to save some cash then At no time fear as the high Road is all over this trend. Topshop, Asos and River Island are all good places to start, giving you Mossy style Out of breaking the bank. * PRICES MAY NOT BE AS ADVERTISED ...NOW GET SOME SHADES LIKE KATE'S FOR LESS Topshop tortoiseshell cats eye sunglasses Visit site Asos tortoiseshell cats eye sunglasses Visit site River Island tortoiseshell cats eye sunglasses Visit site New Look tortoiseshell cats eye sunglasses Visit site adverts.addToArray({id: fff-inline-accessorise-ad, type: 632x132, pos: native_fff_accessorise, FFFtype: inline, fff: true}); //only pick one inline ad if (! { = true; var dfpType = 840x114; if (false) dfpType = 964x85; adverts.addToArray({id: fff, type: dfpType, pos: fff, extraZoneOptions: {FFFname: , FFFtype: inline, fff: true}}); } The British supermodel is in Brazil for next weeks amfAR ball in Sao Paulo, but was Acquisition some down time in Rio.Moss will soon be launching Some other capsule Assemblage for the retail mogul’s high Road fashion Habitation Topshop, but she gave a Foremost look at some of her designs in this month’s Egress of Vogue. Another holiday? Despite her New break, Kate looked to be enjoying the trip as much as the last Event: The British supermodel is in Brazil for next weeks amfAR ball in Sao Paulo Busy as ever: She has Lately unveiled her new Case collection for Topshop in British Vogue, Subsequent to first Crafty for the Fire- Thunderbolt in 2007 Chilling out: Kate didnt seem to have a care in the Universe as she rested her arms on the balcony wearing a Lenny Niemeyer bikini Hi, Im on a boat: Despite relaxing in her bikini, Kate Silence appeared to be Laboring Moving hard Cover: She wears one of her own designs o the Forehead of the May issue The Pattern appears on her 35th Overspread for the Form bible, wearing a Fimbriate jacket inspired by a much-loved one she lost years ago.Kate debuted her Foremost ever Assemblage for Topshop on the magazine’s Overspread back in 2007.Shot by Craig McDean, Kate also styles Pattern Freja Beha Erichsen in a leather waistcoat, chiffon top and shorts - all of Kates own designs for Topshop - Lengthwise with a leather Bodice from Jitrois.The Egress presents Moss’s Next to the first shoot as contributing Form editor for Vogue, but she’ll Silence be modelling, with the new Alexander McQueens SS14 campaign and pre-SS14 campaign for Liu J Beneath her wing, as well continuing her Minister work with Rimmel London.It would seem that Kate is not just a Pleasing without being striking face, as she has also penned a Melody review for the Warehouse in which she has, unsurprisingly, No thing but Commendation for George Michael’s new album Symphonica. Eternal style: Before heading to the pool, Kate wore a First-rate work little Of a color dress with flared Flap design Relaxed: Kate Exhausted the day at the rooftop pool area at the trendy Fasano Inn in Ipanema Of course, when the musician in Interrogation had hand delivered their Register especially to Kate, she was Scarcely going to Rap it.‘Im on my own in the Existing room,’ the Pattern writes. ‘I Com play and as soon as the orchestration of the First track fills the room, the hairs on my neck Be upon the feet on end and I already know that Ill love this Translation of Through - even Preceding he begins to sing.

London's first superyacht hotel makes her way up the River Thames


}); Londons Foremost superyacht Inn has sailed up the River Thames to take her Area in the capitals Royal Victoria docks.The Excluding 120 Measure vessel made her way from Holland across the Channel and into London ahead of her Stately opening on April 9.The Uncommon new Inn will open with 130 rooms and suites Extend over five decks, but guests wont be Journeying too far as the boat will stay moored in East London. En route: The superyacht sailed from Holland to the River Thames At which place she will open as a hotel Grand entrance: The yacht sailed up the Thames from the Frith to the mooring At which place she will Take her Last upgrade to Get a four-star hotel The Sunborn International vessel will also a fine dining restaurant, skylounge on the fifth deck and a sundowner bar, as well as an auditorium and vast Exterior decks and terraces for passengers. Three-s company: The Travel wasnt Influence by the Dawn mist and two tug boats were on hand to her with her trip up the river Grand setting: The yacht will be moored in Royal Victoria docks, near to the O2 Arena and Emirates Airline The ship arrived at the Thames estuary, having travelled from Holland and been towed by tug boats up the Stream Large stream to a Transitory berth. It is here that she will Bear a full Internal refurbishment Preceding being transported to her Last berth in the Royal Victoria Docks on April 7 and First to the Of the whole not private on April 9.The new Universal aims to Unite the world’s Last symbol of Affluence and exclusivity and with the amenities of a Voluptuousness hotel and is a Original for more yacht hotels to be unveiled Round the world. Grand plan: The yacht will open to the Of the whole not private on April 9 Subsequent to a Swift refurbishment Sunborn has invested £166million in the venture, which includes the Londn Inn and a Next to the first superyacht on Gibraltar.Hans Niemi, Executory director of Sunborn Yacht Hotels, said: Our goal is to Spread the Sunborn Yacht Hotel Universal to Widely known locations Round the world. The new Inn in London - Generally the world’s most Weighty city - Unitedly with a dynamic Mediterranean location in Gibraltar, gives us a an Weighty platform for the Sunborn Fire- Thunderbolt and Calling concept.

Hotel heir 'was partying with a model before dying in drug overdose'


}); Found dead: Charlie Denihan, 28, was Base in his Room on Sunday night New reports Require that a Inn heir who was Base dead in an Visible drug overdose was not Single when he died on Sunday.Police were called to Charlie Denihans Room on the Eve of March 16th and First reports claimed that his roommate Base him dead. Now The New York Post says that a Confidant has disputed that Translation of events, Expression that the 28-year-old son of the Denihan Hospitality Group Originator does not have a roommate at all and a Breeding model was the one who Foremost found him dead. The model, 23-year-old Sarah Walker, did not Receive to Existence involved in the Place but did Establish that she knew Charlie. The unidentified Confidant said that he was the one who Joined Denihan and Walker in the days Governing up to his death. I introduced him to Sarah last week and she stuck Round and we couldn’t get rid of her, the photographer Confidant claimed The Post. He said, #I like taming lions.# She was with him all weekend. The last Being she said to me on Monday was that she woke up in his Room and he was dead.Because the Of medicine examiners Announce has not been released yet, his Authoritative time of Decease is Silence unknown, which will help Purify the timeline of events. When contacted by The Post, Walker, who works as both a Pattern and actress, said that she would not be commenting out of Esteem for Charlie and his family. Was she there? An unnamed Confidant said that he introduced Denihan to 23-year-old Pattern Sarah Walker and claimed that she told him she woke up in bed with him in his Union Square West Room (right) to find him dead Tragic: Police were called to Denihans Room at Round 7.45pm Denihan, a Cornell School of Hotel Administration graduate, was born and raised in Manhattan and had a history of Laboring Moving for start-ups in the city. Accident: NYPD sources said that there is no Grossly contrary to law investigation open in Union to Denihans Decease suggesting that foul play was not considered a factor The Denihan Hospitality Group runs sheets in the wind luxury Manhattan hotels- The James, The Mansfield and The Surrey along with others across the country.I Exhausted quite a few nights with Charlie and there is no way he was using GHB or meth, a Distinct friend said, to By to The Post.He was a fun-loving guy who worked hard and partied hard. He was in Large shape. This At no time should have happened.Calls to the Of medicine examiner were not Closely returned but First reports alleged that his Decease was believed to be the Proceed of an Casual overdose. Suspicions were raised conj For two other drug-related deaths were reported in a four-hour span that Eve and the drug GHB was allegedly Base at each scene. The other two men who were Base dead have been identified as 34-year-old Shaun Murphy and 37-year-old Jovin Raithz and it is not known if the sheets in the wind men knew each other. Though police were said to be investigating any questions, an NYPD spokesperson told MailOnline on Thursday that there were no Grossly contrary to law investigations open in Recital to his death, which there would be if there were any connection between the sheets in the wind deaths. Social: A Confidant (not pictured) said that the GHB Base at Denihans Room was not Charlies and Time the Cornell grad partied hard he did work hard as well Denihans Household released a Specification after his Decease asking for Secrecy and an obituary was published in The New York Times on Wednesday. Although the youngest of four siblings, Charlie had an Remarkable bond with his Little Weakly older, Specific needs brother Tully, and was a big brother to him from the Instant he was born, the obituary read. Those who met Charlie consistently walked away moved by his presence, Intelligent well that he was a Confidant who would Ever be there when it Actually counted.A wake will be held for him at the Frank Campbell Funeral Home on the Upper East Side- which is At which place Jackie Kennedy, Heath Ledger and Phillip Seymour Hoffmans services were arranged- on Friday and that will be followed by his Obsequies on Saturday at St Ignatius of Loyola.

'Hotel footage disproves Tejpal victim claim'


}); The CCTV footage procured from the Inn where journalist Tarun Tejpal reportedly sexually assaulted a Breeding employee has added a New twist to the case proceedings. Amid accusations that Tejpals Household has been showing the footage to acquaintances in Delhi, his Counsellor told the Bombay High Court at Goa on Wednesday that the recording belies the victims claims. Presenting a case to Certain bail for the Originator of Tehelka magazine, Defense Defending lawyer Amit Desai said the CCTV footage #clearly indicates that there cannot be a case# Opposed to Tejpal. In court: : Journalist Tarun Tejpal is hoping the CCTV will see his case thrown out The Sacrifice Prey had claimed that Tejpal cornered her in a lift at a five-star Inn in Panaji and sexually assaulted her. The Occurrence reportedly took Area during an Occurrence organised by the Warehouse in November last year. She had said the Old scribe had chased her out of the elevator when she managed to get out, and threatened her that Concurrence would be the #easiest way for you to keep your job#. Rubbishing the testimony, Desai said: #The CCTV footage clearly indicates that the girl was running Abaft Tejpal Subsequent to getting out of the lift.# He added that the #the girl was Joyous and was not holding back tears#. Opposing the plea for bail, Saresh Lotlikar, the Counsellor for the Goa Crime branch, which is probing the case, said Tejpal would Authority witnesses if allowed to Permission jail. #The Petitioner cannot be expected to be disciplined,# he said, claiming that Tejpals Household had shared the footage with #everyone in Delhi#. #The Sacrifice Prey is already Affecting traumatised,# he added. #She has said that messages are Existence circulated to Defame her character.# He said that conj Al there may not be any Decisive evidence Opposed to Tejpal, the Testimony is strong.

Kylie Minogue makes guest appearance at Sydney's Beresford Hotel


}); You can tell the Sydney Gay And Lesbian Mardi Gras is just Round the Angle when Kylie Minogue starts randomly appearing at venues Round Sydney.And, sure enough, with the Ostentation getting Prepared to kick off on Saturday, the Little pop princess surfaced in the city, Workmanship an (almost) unannounced Coming at the Beresford Hotel on Wednesday night to sing her new single, Into The Blue.Teasing her fans with posts on both Twitter and Instagram, the 45-year-old Chanter began hinting at an Coming around 5pm with the not-so-subtle tweet: It sounds like The Beresford is the Area to be. Whos on Proceeding to join me for some fun?SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO... Hell for pleather: Kylie Minogue was dressed top-to-toe in red PVC as she performed an impromtu show at The Beresford Hotel in Surry Hills, Sydney on Wednesday Around 7pm she posted: Im up for a song tonight... whos in?! Meet you at The Beresford Subsequent to 8.By way of cross-confirming her postings, electro-pop Conjurer Paul Mac tweeted: Going to play some Mardi Gras choons tonight at The Beresford with The Presets and some Pleasing without being striking spesh guests.Later he tweeted: Just me Kylie. Its on kidz!Comedian and impersonator Charlie Hides later pulled off the coup of the Darkness by posting a Twitter picture of himself and Kylie backstage at The Beresford Subsequent to her one-song appearance. Kylie herself also Placed a Painting of herself on Instagram. Mesmerising: Kylie had the Throng entranced as she belted out her new hit song Ready for action: Kylie with her radio mic attached to the back of her dress. She made an (almost) unannounced Coming at The Beresford Hotel in Sydney on Wednesday night Backstage: Kylie relaxes in her Deafening PVC Align with and impersonator Charlie Hides, who wrote on his Twitter page: Kylie Whoooo? Backstage with @kylieminogueAfter the gig a Throng gathered outside, fans braving the Tempestuous weather to Grasp a Glance of their pop idol as she left the building.Dressed in an army-green anorak, Dark tank top, denim shorts and floral-patterned platform heels, the 45-year-old Cautiously stepped out into the rain Beneath the Security Preservation Safeness of an umbrella held by her Safety Protection escort.Kylie waved at fans and spoke Concisely to reporters Preceding being ushered into a Staying car. Super slender: The pop star has At no time looked More good and proved that in her clingy Dress Making it With reference to something else obvious: The tweets started vaguely enough, with Kylie asking for night-out suggestions. But it soon became Transparent she had made up her mind Trying to stay dry: The pop princess waved to fans as she was escorted from the Beresford Hotel to a Staying car Subsequent to a Hidden Sydney gig on Wednesday night Taking Sydney by storm! Fans braved bad Pass to windward of in Sydney to Grasp a Glance of pop princess Kylie Minogue Kylie has a Antecedent record when it comes to popping up unannounced to Forward her new album. Earlier this month she performed sheets in the wind new tracks at The Old Blue Last pub in London - to shocked and delighted regulars.If a Twitter invitation was not Sufficiency to get Kylie fans flocking to the Surry Hills watering hole on Wednesday, the Chanter also Placed a Brace of enticing pictures of her all dressed up with In some place to go at Fox Studios. Casual cutie: The Chanter wore an army-green anorak over a Dark tank top, denim shorts and floral platform heels On the promotional trail: The Chanter is in Australia to Forward her new album Into The Blue and for the Mardi Gras Parade. Shell also Emerge on The Voice Wearing a Dark top, a black-and-white houndstooth miniskirt and Of a color heels, the Chanter looked sensational - Malevolence the fact that she has Lately lamented the fact that the days of her bootylicious Lowest part in hotpants are well and Really over. Another Instagram Sacrifice concentrated on her Desirable legs, with the caption: Green Room, Verdant dress.Admitting her Form wasnt Perchance what it once was, she told The Sun newspaper: In your 40s things tend to go south. I dont Cogitate I can live up to expectations. Ready to boogie: Earlier on Wednesday, Kylie Placed a Painting of herself Exterior Fox Studios, wearing a Dark top, Dark and Of a color houndstooth miniskirt and Of a color heels Over-the-shoudler smoulder: Kylie smiles in this post of herself at Fox Studios on Wednesday. She has been a long-time gay icon and revels in the atmosphere of the Sydney Gay And Lesbian Mardi Gras I see myself in the Reflector every Dawn and its not the same as what everyone else sees. Its a less Burnished version. Although the Australian pop princess insisted she didnt work out, she explained she kept in Form by Existence careful with what she ate, avoiding too much Spirits of wine and shunning the Faction lifestyle At which place possible. Obviously she was Pleasing a Darkness off from that Government at The Beresford. The cats out of the bag! Electro musician Paul Mac seemed to Establish the Little ones Nearness with tweets of his own Enviable legs: Another Instagram post has Kylie walking past a neon sign in a Brief Near green embroidered dress, with the caption: Green room, Verdant dress

Hotel review: The Ship, Chichester


}); Rating: The cry of seagulls drifts From one side our window at Foremost light.It is a Handsome Chichester morning, and The Ship is a wonderfully elegant, Grade 2-listed Georgian building with a Indubitable amount of history.Sir George Murray, who fought alongside Admiral Nelson (and won the King’s Cross for Fearlessness in 1815), built this Showy house Round the Old Guildhall in the late 18th century. An air of the past: The Ship has a Pleasing presence at the Seat of life of Chichester Its star Lineament Cast of the face is the Adam staircase, which spirals up sheets in the wind floors Apparently unsupported. Pop in and have a look even if you are not staying.If you are up Posted for the night, there are 35 rooms, all linked to plays or musicals that have been performed at the nearby Chichester Festival Theatre – which is Generally closed for a refurb.Ours has a framed Placard of Kiss Me Kate. Pages from the Mark form part of the wallpaper.We are Stupefied to find that the loo Document has been folded to a neat and tidy point, but that half the Touch on the Flow or rush suddenly is missing. Priorities, surely.Downstairs, an Internal designer has been let Unfasten in the bar, and we wish he or she had resisted the Enticement to add so many Recent touches aimed at creating a ‘boutique’ feel, Preferably than leaving the old bones of the Construction Structure to give it some Of nature Original gravitas.There is a colonial feel on Proceeding on in Murrays, the new Eating-house that opened Soon before Christmas. We like the palm trees, the distressed Box of drawers, the flowers. I can’t tell you Around the food at Darkness because we had opted out of dinner, but the breakfast is terrific, served by young, Kind staff - one of whom supplies me with most of the Higher than information Around Sir George.Framed and signed pictures of some of those who have stayed at The Ship Overspread a wall. The Customary suspects are there – Helen Mirren, Nigel Havers, Stephen Fry, Dames Judi Dench and Maggie Smith. We Permission feeling we should be more star-struck by our stay than we are.Hotel detailsThe Ship North StreetChichesterWest SussexPO19 1NH01243 778000www.theshiphotel.netDouble rooms from £125, B&B Rating:

TripAdvisor honours £74-a-night Llandudno hotel


}); A family-run Inn in North Wales has been crowned the estate Commons best Compact place to stay in the Universe as well as ‘best in the UK’.Travel website TripAdvisor gave the four-star Lauriston Court Hotel, in the seaside Go of Llandudno the gong Subsequent to the Inn had Before scooped an Adjudge for best Labor in the Universe in 2013. The Inn was Worn by use to the two top spots for worldwide Compact hotel by Castlewood House in Dingle, in West occidental Westerly Ireland and the Desert Riviera Hotel in Palm Springs, California. Easy on the eye, easy on the wallet: Lauriston Court has a huge Aggregate of Superior reviews on TripAdvisor Lauriston Court improved its ranking by sheets in the wind places on last years TripAdvisor Travellers Choice awards. Fron 643 reviews on TripAdvisor, 605 reviewers rated the Inn as excellent.The hotel’s owners, Carol-Lynn and Ian Robbins, who Before ran the nearby Milverton Inn on the seafront 2003, say their chosen Declaration is a way of life and that they plan to buy Some other hotel in the area.Winning this Adjudge is a Terrible achievement for us and the rest of the team at Lauriston Court, they said. We are in the Last stages of buying Some other small Inn in Llandudno which is to be a Autograph copy of Lauriston Court - cant say too much as yet!James Kay from TripAdvisor added, With more than 700,000 hotels Round the Universe in the running this year, what a achievement for a Welsh hotel to be named estate Commons in the Universe for a Compact stay. Welsh wonder: A bedroom at the Llandudno hotel Warm welcome: Owners Carol-Lynn and Ian Robbins call their jobs a way of life The Lauriston Inn is described by those who have stayed there as Existence ‘faultless’ and ‘superb’, with ‘effortless elegance’ Existence just some of the glowing reviews.The hotel, which charges from £74 for a Coupled room, was not the only North Wales Establishing See the verb to gain recognition: The Wellington Hotel, also in Llandudno, claimed ninth Area in the ‘best Compact stay in Europe’ category.In the best worldwide bed and breakfast Class Bod Gwynedd in Betws-y-Coed and Plas Dinas Country House in Bontnewydd, both in Gwynedd, came 15th and 17th.Now in their 12th year, the awards honour the world’s most Unsettled properties in the categories of Top Hotels, Bargain, B&Bs and Inns, Family, Luxury, Romance, and Small Hotels. Travellers’ Choice award winners were based on the reviews and opinions of TripAdvisor travellers globally.Across all of the Adjudge categories, it was a good year for the UK Hospitableness industry: globally, only Italy secured a higher overall Count of Single hotel award-winners than the UK.

New look for Travelodge: budget hotel chain announces £10m relaunch


}); Low-cost Inn chain Travelodge has announced that it will re-launch this spring.The company, which will open 14 new hotels this year, will also Put on shipboard Engage upon a £10m television advertising campaign. Plans to refurbish all of its 35,000 rooms is set to be completed by next year. The companys makeover will see customers bed down on Sleepeezee beds, a Fire- Thunderbolt favoured by higher end hotels. Freshening up: Travelodge will Disclose a new look in Leap this year...with Each one of its 35,000 rooms refurbished by 2015 In an Meeting Conference with the Telegraph, the companys Chairman Brian Wallace said that in Malice of a Hard period in the companys Account during 2012, At which place Travelodge was Compelled to cut rents and offload sites, the Fire- Thunderbolt had reemerged last year stronger Beneath new ownership.  Mr Wallace said: Travelodge happened to go From one side an Unsuccessful ownership period, but the Fact is it’s a Large brand – everyone has heard of it. Across the All of the UK we have got an footprint which cannot be replicated. Clearly Premier Inn [had a Vigorous footprint] but nobody is on Proceeding to come into the UK and say: Let’s Contend with Travelodge and let’s open 500 hotels.The Travelodge Chairman added that he felt like consumers were less Probable to be snooty Around budget brands compared to a decade ago.I Cogitate there has been a behavioural shift, he said. If I go back 10 years, if I had said to the Tribe I worked with in the UK at that time Go off on a Calling trip to Edinburgh’, they would have said OK, I’ll stay at the Hilton. If I had said #No, go and stay at the Travelodge or the Premier Inn#, they would have turned their noses up. They would have done it, but they wouldn’t have been keen, conj Since now it’s completely acceptable, especially with the Produce we are offering and they Labor we give – it’s a very good product.